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Ben Furney Flour Mills is situated in the heart of the prime wheat belt in the Central Western NSW City of Dubbo, which is approximately 400 km northwest of Sydney. With a population of 50,000 and servicing a district population of over 120,000 people, Dubbo is the ideal setting for the mill.

With the mill being in existence for over 33 years, it is located close to the heart of the town, with some of the buildings being heritage listed. In 1980, John Furney, with 24 years experience in agricultural business, resurrected the abandoned old town mill, and Ben Furney Flour Mills was born. Since that time, the mill has undertaken many changes, having been upgraded, expanded and modernised to its current day configuration. Not wanting to rest on its laurels, Ben Furney Flours Mills is always looking to strategically plan for the future of the company.

Now directly employing in excess of eighty people, Ben Furney Flour Mills plays a vital part in the local community. Furthermore, we generally source over 90% of our grain requirements from within 200km of the mill, thus further supporting the local surrounding communities.

We are proud of being a family owned and independently run business, which is now entering the fifth generation of the Furney family. It has earned a reputation of being fair and ethical in all dealings and receives incredible loyalty from its customers and its suppliers alike.

Over the years, Ben Furney Flour Mills has diversified, alongside the Flour Milling business the family also own and manages two large cropping properties within the Dubbo region, growing a wide range of grains and commodities that are used at the mill or sold on the open market. Ben Furney Flour Mills also is one of the only commercial producers of manufactured breadcrumb and textured vegetable protein products in Australia. Having identified a real opportunity and niche within the market, an extrusion plant was commissioned onsite. This facility allows us to manufacture a wide range of manufactured crumb products and an assortment of shapes and colours of the Texture Vegetable Protein which have a multitude of uses within the food manufacturing industry, and gave Ben Furney Flour Mills some diversity outside it’s core business of flour milling.

Ben Furney Flour Mills is so much more than just a flour mill, it is an integral part of the community and a family unit made up of not only to those directly descendent, but to those that work within it on a daily basis. Come and share the experience with us.

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