Links & Associations

Links & Associations

Ben Furney flour mills have implemented a number of certified quality and food safety systems to further enhance our already effective systems and to provide our customers with the confidence third party accreditation provides for suppliers under their own quality systems.

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry

Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry: DAFF

To enable Ben Furney flour mills to export products overseas we are an export registered establishment with the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries (DAFF). Under this certification (Registered Establishment No. 4344) product and premises must comply with the exporter requirements outlined in the Export Control Act 1982.


Certified Food Safety Management System

BSI Group

All production falls under our overall HACCP food safety accreditation, HACCP is an international system which identifies, evaluates, and controls hazards which are significant for food safety by utilising process control technique to provide assurance that food is safe for consumption. Our own system is now audited by the BSI Group who have recently taken over the operations of NCS International and will, when current certifications expire, replace existing NSCI certificates with those of the BSI Group.


Feedsafe Accredited


FeedSafe® is a program aimed at increasing the commitment of the Australian stock feed industry to quality assurance and risk mitigation in the manufacture and use of animal feeds. The Stock Feed Manufacturers Council of Australia SFMCA through FeedSafe® has recognised the need for a broader industry approach to feed and food safety and is providing greater security of supply to Australia’s livestock industries. To obtain this certification Feed manufacturers are required to implement HACCP as part of their accreditation which also complements our overall HACCP system, especially as the majority of stock feed produced is a by product of the flour milling process.


FSANZ Food Standards Australia & New Zealand

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, which lists requirements for foods such as additives, food safety, labelling and GM foods. Internal links to Nutrition Panel Calculator and consumer information such as food recalls


Direct link to FSANZ Nutrition Panel Calculator


Grain Growers

An industry organization with it’s head office at North Ryde where it has fully equipped laboratories, a pilot bakery and mill for advanced research and industry support. Also have an Asian foods and dough rheology lab for specialty research.


Wheat Quality Australia

Established in 2011, Wheat Quality Australia is a not-for profit company responsible for Australia’s wheat variety classification and related activities.


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