Suppliers & Distributors

Suppliers & Distributors

Any company is only as good as it partners and is dependent on it suppliers and distributors to ensure that our customers receive the quality and service that they expect. Ben Furney Flour Mills is no different and is in the fortunate position of having excellent long standing associations with its key suppliers and distributors which is a major element of its continued success in the market.

Our raw material requirements are the major part of our business. Generally buying 90% of our raw materials for milling within 200km radius of the mill helps our local economies, and has the added advantage that we now find that the third generation of Furney Family are dealing with the second and third generation farmers on the land, This is a testament to the mutually beneficial long standing relationship and trust that has developed over the years.

Living and demonstrating its core Company Values, Ben Furney is seen as a company of choice to deal with. We know what its like to manage a small business and the importance of managing the cash flow, so Ben Furney Flour Mills have a strict ethos of ensuring our suppliers are paid in full
on time every time.

Ben Furney approaches each distributor as a partner in a long term business arrangement. We ensure we work with our distributors through support and with another very clear ethos. “We don’t compete with or against our customers”. This simple philosophy ensures that we continue to work together for mutually beneficial growth. This approach has created very loyal and long standing relationships that are delivering the results to each party.

While Ben Furney Flour Mills has a strong history with its current Suppliers and Distributors, it continues to look for and develop new partnerships for tomorrow and beyond.

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