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Kind Description Pack Size Health Bars Dressing Grain Bread Special Bread
Kibbled Rye

Cracked rye grain, perfect for delivering and enhancing the appearance of grain breads, or as a specialty topping.

25kg Yes
Kibbled Wheat

Premium wheat cracked to a consistent medium to fine grain. Makes an excellent addition to all types of grain breads and baked goods.

25kg Yes
Kibbled Soy

With a crunchy texture and distinctive colour, kibbled soy is an excellent addition to all types of breads and baked goods.

25kg Yes
Kibbled Corn

Kibbled whole kernels suitable for adding that little ‘extra’ in your mixed grain breads.

25kg Yes
Clean Wheat

First grade cleaned and graded whole wheat. Ideal for a multitude of uses in your grain breads.

25kg Yes
Bakers Multigrain

Bakers Multigrain is a rolled soft easy consumable grain blend which gives excellent appearance and colour. Can be used in wide range of Multigrain breads and rolls.

20kg Yes Yes Yes

A mix of assorted harder grains designed for use in a range of your more traditional multigrain breads and rolls.

22.5kg Yes Yes Yes
7 Grain

A premium mix of grains to give breads and rolls the rich appearance of a full grain bread.

25kg Yes Yes Yes
Soy and Linseed Premix

A high quality blend of kibbled soy and whole linseeds.

25kg Yes

Our 1st grade Linseed (or flaxseed) is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fibre. Great for adding nutrition and flavour.

25kg Yes
Sesame Seed

Sesame seeds have a nutty flavour and a light golden colour. They add a delicate crunch to products. Ideal for topping bread rolls and hamburger buns.

12.5kg Yes Yes Yes
Poppy Seed

Blue/Grey in colour with a slightly nutty aroma and taste, poppy seeds make a great topping or ingredient for bread or muffins.

15kg Yes Yes Yes

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