Purastock Products

Purastock is the stockfeed division of Ben Furney Flour Mills. A HACCP certified flour mill located at Dubbo in the heart of prime wheat country.

Owned and operated for five generations by the Furney family, this modern, computerised, pneumatic flour mill supplies top quality human grade bran, millrun, wheat germ and pollard to our stockfeed mill. These ingredients are then carefully combined with locally sourced cereal grains, vegetable proteins, molasses and essential minerals to produce the Purastock range of all natural pelleted and extruded stockfeeds.

All of our feeds have been scientifically formulated from all natural quality ingredients to promote health and performance and meet the nutritional requirements of your animals. The strict use of only natural high quality ingredients provides all of our customers with security in the knowledge that our feeds are 100% free from chemicals, artificial additives, hormones and animal bi-products such as meat meal and other restricted animal material.

Our customer base reaches across Victoria, NSW and Southern Queensland and provides consistent quality feeds for a wide range of animals including Sheep, Cattle (Dairies, Feedlots and Studs), Horses, Poultry, Birds and Pigs. Our company demonstrates its commitment to safety, quality and continuous improvement by maintaining accreditation under international standards for quality and food safety management. This includes FeedSafe®, which is a program aimed at providing greater security of supply to the Australian stock feed industry through a focus on quality assurance and risk mitigation in the manufacture and use of animal feeds.

Stockfeed Product Guide

Product Bag/Size/kg Description Horse Feeds Typical Analysis %
Crude Protein Fibre
Lympia 20 6mm pellet A balanced horse conditioner supplying all the required nutrients to keep your horse in peak condition while remaining calm. These pellets are suitable for all mature horses and ponies either for general feeding or while under taking moderate to heavy work loads. 12 20

Product Bag/Size/kg Description Poultry, Ruminant and Utility Feeds Typical Analysis %
Crude Protein Fibre
Free Range Layer Pellets 20 4mm pellet Purastock Free Range Layer Pellets are formulated from natural fresh ingredients and have the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to maintain the health of all types of poultry. These strictly vegetarian pellets are nutritionally balanced and contain no added hormones or antibiotics. 15 10
Sheep & Cattle Nuts 25 10mm Pellet Suitable as a supplementary feed to help meet the nutritional requirements of sheep and cattle when pasture quality is poor or in times of drought. These molasses based pellets are palatable to all ruminant livestock and the large pellet size minimises wastage when feeding on the ground. Features all natural ingredients with no added urea. 15.8 15
Custom Mix General Purpose Pellets 20 6mm Pellet Purastock Custom Mix Pellets are carefully formulated utility pellets that are totally palatable to all animals whilst being harmful to none. Suitable for Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Poultry, Pigs, Calves, Goats, Ostriches, Alpacas, Emus, Rabbits and Mice. 13.5 12.5

Product Bag/Size/kg Description General Purpose Feeds Typical Analysis %
Crude Protein Fibre
Bran 25 Free Flowing Flakes Derived from the first protective layer of the wheat grain. This fibrous layer is high in protein and vitamins and is a common ingredient used in feeding animals. It is easily digested and provides energy at levels similar to oats. This highly palatable feed also contains useful levels of B-group vitamins. 15 10
Pollard 25 Meal Wheat pollard is a finely milled blend of bran and wheat middlings. It is a highly palatable energy and protein rich feed that is commonly fed to ruminants, pigs, poultry and horses. 15 7
Mill Mix 25 Meal Mill Mix consists of a combination of bran, pollard, wheat germ and flour. This blend is highly palatable to most types of livestock including horses, pigs, poultry, goats, sheep and cattle. 13.5 6.4
Flaky Bran 20 Large Size Flakes The fibrous first layer of the wheat grain. With larger flakes than ordinary bran but similar levels of protein, energy and vitamins. This product is very popular as a feed ingredient for performance horses. 15 10

Product Bag/Size/kg Grains & Additives
Feed Wheat 25 Suitable for general purpose feeding. Can be supplied cracked on request.
Feed Barley 25 Suitable for general purpose feeding. Can be supplied cracked on request.
Corn 25 Quality whole corn. Can be supplied cracked on request.
Wheat Germ 25 Contains high levels of vitamins D,B & E.
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