Research and Development

Our customers matter. We pride ourselves on our Research and Development (R&D) practices and our test kitchen, not only because of what they mean for our end product, but because of the results to our customers.

Many of our customers will know our Quality Assurance Manager, Ray. Having been with us for 15 years, there is very little he doesn’t know about bringing the best possible products to our customers’ commercial kitchens.

Our onsite test kitchen is manned by a third party baker, with over 30 years experience in the industry. As we develop and test products our test baker (or Ron to his friends) gives us direct and timely feedback on what we’re doing,  continually providing knowledge, and insight that we are able to share with our bakery customers as needed.

Step into our test kitchen and find out some of the many things we do here.


We know that, from time to time, business processes or equipment change. When this happens in our customer’s businesses, that can mean changes or inconsistencies in their baked goods.

We’ve had customers who have moved or refit premises with new ovens, or just experienced weather variations, which has lead to challenges with their end product. We’ve travelled to their locations, identified variables in their process, and tested factors like temperature and knead time to ensure that – in future – they could get the best possible results from Ben Furney Flour Mills.

This experience has led us to create our guide to helping you control your finished dough temperature.

New product development

Innovation is a key focus for our business. This is not just innovation for us, but supporting and enabling innovation within our customers’ businesses.

When our customers are looking to expand their product range, we’re ready to help. Whether meeting new consumer food trends or adjusting existing products to meet a new need, our Research and Development is available to every customer.

We not only undertake grain and flour analysis, but also bake testing, to confirm the quality of the product and ideal environment for best results.

Routine and randomised product testing

As we all know, grain is a natural product. Seasonal and location-based differences can impact the end-product. That’s why we not only routinely run grain and flour analysis, but also ensure there is thorough independent bake testing in the test kitchen.

We are proud of how we handle our duty of care from milling and bagging up all the way through to your final product.

That’s just one way we show we’re big enough to matter, small enough to care.

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