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Kind Description Pack Size Chickpea Snacks Excluded Crumb Whitner Bread Improvers Cakes Specialty Breads Pasta Breads and Rolls Artisan
Besan Flour

Fine, free flowing flour, rich in protein, made from milling Chana Dhal (de-hulled and split chickpeas). Slightly nutty flavour with an earthy aroma.

25kg Yes
Maize Flour

Medium grade flour milled from quality maize.

25kg Yes Yes
Full Fat Soy Flour

A full fat enzyme active soy flour ingredient. It helps to improve water uptake and crumb softness along with providing extended shelf life to the finished product.

20kg Yes Yes Yes
Rye Flour

A finely milled rye flour suitable for a lighter rye bread.

25kg Yes Yes Yes
Rye Meal

Contains bran specks from milling the entire Rye grain. High in dietary fibre with traditional flavour and a coarser texture that is desired in many rye breads and rolls.

25kg Yes Yes Yes

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