Experience the ease of doing business with us

Good service is forming a relationship with customers

We want to build a relationship with you.

We know that you are far too busy running a successful business to put up with any roadblocks with your supply partner.

We know your expectations are so much higher. This is where working with Ben Furney Flour Mills steps in.

Our record speaks for itself

On Time, In Full Delivery

Our well oiled team excel at ensuring you're getting the right product in the right quantity at the correct place and time.

Consistent Product

Our quality control procedures deliver a consistent product, of the highest standard - day in, day out.

Responsive Team

We know you by name and we understand your business. When you talk to us, you get direct access to the decision makers, ensuring fast action.

Lasting Client Relationships

Grower, Miller, Baker, Customer. We work closely, over a long time with all parties to deliver a quality outcome.

The Ben Furney difference

How we deliver a quality outcome for you

We go further

If we can identify any opportunity to go above and beyond, we don’t just explore it - we investigate, we test, we trial and error until we can deliver. We are always looking for that next step, that next level of service.

Whether you're a pizza manufacturer who needs a very specific flour in Adelaide, a sausage maker in Melbourne or a pie maker in Darwin - we always strive for the ‘extraordinary.’

We take the time to get to know our customers and their specific needs. We know what it takes to run a successful small business and our aim is to help your business grow.

We pride ourselves in being a small personalized team, which gives our customers immediate access to all levels of the company when required. If you have an issue you need resolved, you just give us a call and the relevant people are ready to help - the people who deal with you, day in, day out - not someone you don’t recognise, who is in a different state.

We don’t know you by your customer reference number, we know you by name.

  • Amazing team to work with. All Ben Furney's team members are so helpful and friendly. Any questions or queries I have are answered straight away.
    Tony Ireci
    Campoli Continental Foods
  • Great supplier, very supportive, always willing to help, nothing too hard and very popular products.  A pleasure to deal with !!
    CEPA Farm Supplies
  • It seems it is a company that cares.
    Ian Hobbs
    Zen Artisan Bakery
  • I have been using Ben Furney flour now for eight years and never have I had to question their first class products. They are very accommodating, when I'm running low on flour and have forgotten to order flour the staff have always gone out off there way to help. The salesman/saleslady are friendly and polite always, and they find the time to have a chat about business or their products or even the weather, perfect level of sales 5 stars.
    Colin Leatham
    Orbost Bakery
  • Their product remains constantly above standard & their staff are always professional. We'd never go anywhere else.
    Karri Brennan
    Brenno's Hotbake
  • Response to all queries have always been prompt, professional and like talking to a friend  and has not varied in years, it has always been a pleasure dealing with Furneys and we have recommended Furneys many times.
    Fred Mears
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