Our Milling Process

Quality from paddock to packaging

We run a highly specialised milling operation.

From the minute we take over the grain and the start of production, right through to packing, we are constantly checking the quality and analysing the product.

Because we are a specialist operation, we have more control over production. Most staff are directly involved in all aspects, so our left hand always knows what our right hand is doing. There is no ‘that’s not my job’ attitude - we work as part of a team, all the time.

Our Difference


The size of our company allows us to be consistent in our production specifications - not only our main products but also those we develop as speciality products for clients.


Our products have a greater consistency, because we have more control over our raw materials and the production process. We deal direct with the grain growers, who we’ve known for over 30 years.


We provide end to end production solutions. If you come to us with an idea for a new product you want made, we will work to find a way to create it. We love a good challenge!


We believe in sharing ideas about production and manufacturing methods to help keep the industry moving forward. We don’t keep the secrets of our success locked in a box.

Our Process

How we deliver a quality outcome for you

Careful blending of wheat varieties

The key to our quality milling is the careful blending of wheat varieties and protein ranges to achieve a balanced and precise flour product. Our modern computerised pneumatic mill enables us to provide the highest quality bakery, food service and manufacturing flours, premixes, meals, and grain mixes, as well as manufactured crumb and textured vegetable protein products.

We have the ability to blend to our client’s precise specifications and produce speciality flours, premixes and grain mixes for your specific needs.