Obtain Pizza Perfection by using Farina and Special White Flour

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Obtain Pizza Perfection by using Farina and Special White Flour


Like most things in life, getting the fundamentals right often determines the outcome. So when preparing for consistent perfect pizza or pasta, the fundamentals start and end with the right flour. When choosing quality flour for your pizza or pasta products we recommend 00 flour, choosing either our Special White 00 or Farina 00.

00 flour is an Italian classification for flour which is different from the normal Australian standards and refers to flour which is the most refined flour being super fine, smoother and whiter than other flour types. As it is milled differently and is produced from a range of different protein wheats, the protein content can vary from 9.5% – 11.5%, unlike our other flour types which are milled to set protein contents.

Brand names for our 00 flours are Farina and Special White 00, both are the same fine white 00 flour just branded differently.

Pizza Flour 

These flours are the go-to flour for the best pizza bases you can make because they give a nice, crispy crust with lots of big airy pockets with just the right amount of chew. It’s also ideal for making your own homemade pasta dough, something which is much easier to make than you think and so much better than the typical store bought pasta. 

As this flour is so fine, it makes a finer, more responsive dough that won’t tear when you roll it into thin, delicate pasta strips or shape it into a crispy pizza base. If you usually use an ordinary flour for either of these techniques and have given up in frustration because the dough kept tearing instead of stretching, it’s worth trying again with some Special White 00 – you might find yourself surprised by how much easier it is.



To get the best out of your 00 pizza crust, it should be cooked quickly, at extremely high temperatures for that perfect, crispy, flaky texture. 

The final difference is that the fineness of Special White 00 flour means that it absorbs water much more readily than other flours, so you’ll likely need less water to get your dough to the required consistency. If you have a pizza or pasta recipe that specifies all-purpose flour and you want to upgrade to 00 flour, add the water very slowly and stop when the dough reaches the desired consistency – you’ll probably find you need less than you thought.

Although ideal and extremely popular for the best Pizza and Pasta you can make, our 00 flour also makes great bread & buns. 

So if you are looking to enhance the quality of your pizza bases or pasta, then perhaps think about making the swap to our Farina 00 or Special White 00. You won’t be disappointed. 

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