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February 6, 2019
Harvest 2018 Update
February 6, 2019

Supply Chain Management

Ben Furney Flour Mills have a comprehensive supply chain infrastructure that links the procurement of all raw materials, storage of both the raw materials & finished products, and flowing through to the delivery of the final product to our valued customers.

Our team’s many years of experience have allowed us to develop a system that aims to deliver our customer’s orders in an efficient, economical and sustainable manner with the same high levels of quality as our many products.

Over the years Ben Furney Flour Mills has acquired and developed extensive raw material storage sites in and around the Dubbo area. Our facilities not only takes into account the regular demand for product by our customers but has grown to also have the flexibility to acquire and store seasonal product from our supply partners. Ben Furney Flour Mills run and maintain a fleet of trucks specifically for our grain intake requirements and with approved sub-contractors utilised through the peak seasons such as at harvest time.

Production planning is undertaken in consultation with the sales & customer service teams who utilise the close relationships developed with our customers to forecast their requirements. Our product is then manufactured and packaged on site at our HACCP accredited computer controlled mill. Finished product is stored onsite in a modern climate controlled warehouse, until required for dispatch.

Dispatch is planned to fulfil our customer’s requirements and delivery needs while ensuring that all parties adhere to the legal requirements under the relevant Chain of Responsibility legislation. To achieve this Ben Furney Flour Mills uses an extensive network of established transport partners to deliver our locally produced product both within Australia and worldwide. Regularly scheduled dispatches cater for Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Taree and Canberra as well as many regional locations. These well-established links in our supply chain allow us to cater for the delivery of orders ranging in size from single pallets right through to full trailer loads and bulk product delivery.

Ben Furney Flour Mills also has the capability to handle 20’ and 40’ sea freight containers for export orders and service our overseas customers with their many and varied needs. Currently exporting to such countries as New Zealand, Thailand and South Africa.

At all times, the friendly staff at Ben Furney Flour Mills are able to track the customer order and provide information updates on the progress and planned delivery dates and times for your orders.

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