Ben Furney Flour Mills is deeply entrenched in history, with five generations of the family being directly involved in the baking, farming, stockfeed and flour milling.

Ben Furney Flour Mils was founded on the back of the stockfeed industry. In 1964, John Furney became involved in the family stockfeed business. Working alongside his father they transformed a chaff business into a thriving stock feed manufacturer and reseller.

Taking on the reins in 1975 John continued to develop the stock feed business further acquiring customers through the eastern seaboard of Australia, where he carved out a reputation for high quality stockfeed and an honest, down to earth & mutually beneficial approach to business relationships.

In the late 1970’s, during a drought year, demand outstripped production capacity and John leased a redundant flour mill in Dubbo to process additional grain. It was at this time that John’s interest in flour milling began. Ben Furney Flour Mills was conceived and bought to life.

His exceptional knowledge of agricultural commodities gained from on farm and manufacturing experience and strong relationships with local farmers stood him in good stead to source the finest quality raw materials for such a milling operation.

With a competent team around him, the redundant mill was bought back to life, he gained the milling knowledge he needed and went out and sourced a customer base and so began Ben Furney Flour Mills.

The business continued to gain momentum and carved out a reputation for quality products and personalized service, an independent alternative in a market dominated by a few multinationals.

With phenomenal growth a second modern mill was built and the business has further progressed to today having three mills along with various other production plants all complementing the core flour milling business.

Alongside the Flour Milling business the family also own and manage, and still do to this day, two large cropping properties within the Dubbo region.

The next generation, Sarah & Tim Furney have now been guiding the business for the past 10 years and the business has continued to grow and prosper.

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